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Concussion Goggles Support the Dave Duerson Athletic Safety Fund’s Fight Against Concussion

Concussion—it’s a headline issue affecting people from Pee-Wee footballers all the way up to NFL alumni. But what do you do if you’re personally impacted by concussion? Or if someone in your immediate family has suffered long-term ill effects? If you’re Michael Duerson, you use Fatal Vision® Concussion Goggles from Innocorp, ltd. to help convince school administrators and state legislators to take steps to protect young athletes.

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On the Move with SIDNE® in Kentucky

Drug education in Kentucky is on the move in more ways than one. Eastern Kentucky students in grades seven through 10 have been attending a new drug education program in a mobile classroom and using SIDNE® to drive home the point of the presentation.

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DUI Offenders Get VIP Treatment with intoxiclock®

DUI offenders in Redding, California, find themselves getting VIP treatment. With one of the highest DUI rates in the state, Redding has put in place a Victim Impact Panel (VIP) training program that’s part of the DUI sentencing. One of the most important parts of that training uses Innocorp’s intoxiclock®.

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Curriculum Comes Alive Using Innocorp, ltd. Products in the Classroom

Thinking outside the box can yield great results, especially if you’re looking to make statistics come alive for a class of high school students. That’s what Robert Hanchett, a teacher with Spring Independent School District, discovered when he began to use Fatal Vision® goggles and Distract-A-Match® in his advanced-placement (AP) statistics class at Westfield High School near Houston, Texas.

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Fatal Vision® Best Practices Maximize Program Impact

Don DeKock, crime prevention officer for Mahaska County Sheriff’s Office in Iowa, knows his stuff. He ought to—he’s got 23 years of experience in the Sheriff’s Office and 31 years total as a law enforcement officer. What DeKock knows best is how to drive home his safety message by sticking to the best practice guidelines he’s established for the Fatal Vision® goggles he uses, especially when he uses them with high school students.

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Counteracting Teens’ Risky Choices with Fatal Reflections®

According to a article on teen thought processes and risky behavior, teens think very differently than adults do. While adults tend to concentrate on the end results of a behavior, teens “may get lost in the details about specific risks and (become) overly focused on possible rewards, while ignoring the overall ‘gist’ of the problem—i.e., the ultimate consequences.”

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