Change Blindness and Distracted Driving Interactive Media Program


Safe driving requires diligent focus on the roadway: continuously scanning your environment, evaluating potential threats and executing well-timed maneuvers to avoid a crash. Use this program to demonstrate change blindness and introduce a strategy to maintain your focus on the road.

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This interactive media presentation is specifically designed to show drivers’ susceptibility to distraction and change blindness. Change Blindness is defined as a perceptual phenomenon that happens when a change in the driving environment occurs and the driver does not notice the change. For example, drivers may fail to notice slowing traffic when their eyes are alternatively off the road and then switch back to the driving environment, such as when someone is texting and driving.

This program places your participants through a series of five driving scenarios to illustrate how distraction and change blindness can inhibit a driver’s ability to continuously scan one’s environment, evaluate potential threats, and execute well-timed driving maneuvers to avoid a crash. During the presentation, the instructor will introduce the S.E.E. Strategy (Search, Evaluate, and Execute), an approach to help reinforce safe driving skills and reduce the risk of distracted driving.

This easy-to-use presentation is a must for any traffic safety program that addresses distracted driving. Upon completion of the program, your participants will understand the concept of change blindness and how it contributes to driving distracted. They will also develop strategies to reduce or eliminate exposure and risk while behind the wheel.

Format: Downloadable Software Program
Length: 14:35
Audience: Ages 14+


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