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Fatal Vision® Marijuana – Starter Kit


This NEW kit includes three activities that model impairment from recreational marijuana use and help you demonstrate the dangers of drug impaired driving.

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On-Site Training Session

Include a Fatal Vision training session at your facility with one of our certified instructors. You will learn to conduct a safe, engaging and productive program using your Fatal Vision materials.


Demonstrate how impairment from recreational marijuana use can impact a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. This NEW kit includes the basic materials necessary to begin a meaningful discussion about drug impaired driving. Three activities help you show participants how impaired problem solving, delayed perception and response, and disruption of short-term memory can affect an individual’s cognitive and physical abilities. PATENT NO.: US 10,366,630 B2



1 – Fatal Vision® Marijuana Goggles with cloth protective bag (Frame styles may vary)
1 – Germicidal disposable wipes
12 – Activity Balls with 3 fabric boxes
200 – Executive Function Double-sided Mazes
10 – LED Activity Pens
1 – Grid Mat Activity (1 Grid Mat with numbers and lights).
1 – User Guide


Evidence-Based Approach
Marijuana GogglesThe purpose of the activities using the Fatal Vision Marijuana Goggles is to give participants an experience of cognitive impairment associated with recreational marijuana use and demonstrate their susceptibility to this impairment and the potential severe consequences that can occur. This impairment includes slower decision-making, loss of short-term memory, distorted processing of visual information and slight alteration of visual perception. People may believe that using marijuana while driving is safe and without consequences (optimistic bias). Participants wearing the Fatal Vision Marijuana Goggles will experience their susceptibility to the modeled cognitive effects of recreational marijuana use on driving, and see the potentially severe consequences of this impairment.


Purchase up to two (2) additional Fatal Vision Marijuana Goggles at $225.00 each to support each of the three (3) activities included in the kit. Additional marijuana goggles let you conduct multiple activities at the same time.


The safety of our customers and other users of our products has always been, and will continue to be, a top priority.

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