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Fatal Vision® Opioid Goggles – Program Kit


Experience the simulated effects of divided attention failure, nodding out, contrast sensitivity impairment, heaviness and lethargy.

PRE-ORDER TODAY!  Expected delivery June 2020.

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Item Number: FV OP PROG


Divided attention failure, nodding out, contrast sensitivity impairment, heaviness and lethargy are effects associated with opioid use and abuse. After years of development working with drug recognition experts in opioid abuse and addiction, Innocorp is introducing the Fatal Vision Opioid Goggles and associated opioid awareness activity.

By experiencing the behavioral effects of opioid use, participants are more aware and knowledgeable of the severe consequences associated with using this drug.

Simulated Impairment Behavior
The Fatal Vision Opioid Goggle has three impairment modes and accessories that simulate:

  • Divided Attention Failure
  • Nodding Out
  • Contrast Sensitivity Impairment
  • Heaviness and Lethargy

How The Goggles Works:
Control and configure the Fatal Vision Opioid Goggles through Bluetooth using the opioid mobile app on your smartphone.

Choose one of three impairment modes:

  • Mode A – Divided Attention Failure: simulates the impairment that occurs when an individual experiences difficulty focusing on a task or task initiation. During this mode, quadrants of the goggle will sequentially blackout to impair a person’s ability to sustain attention on an activity.
  • Mode B – Nodding Out: simulates a person’s inability to respond to a cue as their sense of consciousness begins to shut down. During this mode, portions of the lens blackout mimicking the gradual shutting of the eyes resulting in an unresponsive state.
  • Mode C – Progressive Sequence: rotates through both Mode A and Mode B to demonstrate the progression from a lower dose to a higher dose of opioids.

Program Kit Includes:

  • Fatal Vision Opioid goggle with hard carrying case. Each goggle is covered by a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty 
  • GET IT 2GETHER™ activity with case, wrist weights, backpack, “Opioids Addiction, Overdose and Death” DVD, and in-app educational materials that include instructional videos and user guides.

PRE-ORDER TODAY!  Expected delivery June 2020