intoxiclock® Pro - Program Kit
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intoxiclock® Pro – Program Kit


Use the intoxiclock® Pro Software, SUM-IT-CUP®, and “You Call the Shots” tabletop banner to deliver an impactful and personal lesson about the impact of alcohol on BAC.

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intoxiclock® Pro is a software tool used to dynamically and visually demonstrate how a person’s weight, gender and drinking pattern affect his or her level of intoxication with increasing amounts of alcohol consumption. It also shows the time it takes the body to metabolize alcohol back to zero BAC.

Activities using the SUM-IT-CUP® and “You Call the Shots” tabletop banner complement the lesson by providing a demonstration of standard drink units (SDU) and how drink size, strength, and type can impact a person’s BAC level.


  • 1 – intoxiclock® Pro Software (You must make an account when purchasing this software, to download your digital product. [ Login To Your Account ] )
  • 1 – SUM-IT-CUP® Complete
  • 1 – “You Call The Shots” tabletop banner

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