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MARijuana Driving Experience (MARDE®) – Campaign Kit


If you want to give participants the full MARDE® experience, the Campaign Kit includes two Fatal Vision® Roadsters so drivers can see how they can affect others on the road.

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Marijuana affects the brain differently than alcohol and the MARijuana Driving Experience (MARDE®) illustrates that difference in a hands-on activity that encourages people to think twice before driving under the influence. Participants drive through a course marked by cones, with LED lights indicating whether they should be turning or stopping. When impaired by the Fatal Vision® Marijuana Goggles, they will have difficulty navigating the course and making quick decisions.

The MARDE Campaign Kit includes two Fatal Vision Roadster Pedal Karts, durable vehicles that give participants the experience of being behind the wheel. One driver will wear the Fatal Vision Marijuana Goggles and drive the course, while the other driver will follow and honk or shout when the first driver makes mistakes.

Each Fatal Vision Roadster comes standard with assembly instructions (light assembly required) and a one-year warranty on parts and frame against material defects in workmanship. The MARDE program works best in a 100 x 50 feet space, similar in size to a standard basketball court. 


2 – Fatal Vision Roadsters
2 – helmets and safety glasses
1 – Fatal Vision Marijuana Goggles
16 – 28-inch course cones
1 – light kit (lights with remotes, batteries, fasteners, and clamps) 
2 – dry erase scoreboards with markers and eraser
4 – rolls MARDE course tape 
1 – measuring wheel
1 – Roadster horn
1 – backpack  
1 – MARDE educational materials: training video, course guide, and pdf poster (access in your “My Account” after purchase)

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