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Plan My Ride – Single User eLearning Program


Plan My Ride® is for parents who want more focus on the dangers of distracted and impaired driving in their teenagers Driver’s Education class. Plan My Ride is a 90-minute research-based driving skills-building program. It allows teens to virtually experience and engage in various  alcohol and distractioninvolved driving situations to build skills outside those learned in Drivers education to avoid those situations. Parents can have peace of mind knowing they have done everything possible to prepare their teens to travel safely on our roads and highways. 

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Traffic crashes are a leading cause of death amongst new drivers each year. While adding a new driver is an exciting milestone for many households, it can also be a significant source of stress for parents and guardians. Inclement weather, lengthy trips, distraction, drowsiness, and impaired driving are just a few of the issues that new drivers must learn to handle and avoid.  

Driver education programs typically provide instruction on traffic laws, vehicle operation, and handling driving hazards. However, many programs do not thoroughly address distracted and impaired driving. Some programs may briefly touch on these issues but fail to offer young drivers alternatives and strategies to avoid these risky behaviors. 

The Plan My Ride program teaches these much-needed avoidance skills through an easy-to-use web-based program. This self-paced, interactive traffic safety education program provides young drivers the added knowledge and strategies to avoid distracted and impaired driving. Leading behavioral psychologists developed this research-based program and tested it for effectiveness. 

Students access the program and complete five separate lessons designed in look, feel, tone, and content to engage them effectively. 360-degree videos allow students to apply and practice the learned skills in real-life scenarios before taking a knowledge test and printing a certificate of completion. 


“As a parent, I worry that I have not done enough to help prepare my teen for the responsibility of driving. Driver Education addresses traffic laws, hazards, and rules of the road, but what about distracted driving? Plan My Ride provides “peace of mind” that my young driver has the knowledge and skills to avoid driving distracted or under the influence.”
Marissa, Parent and
Plan My Ride Customer  


Program Content and Learning Objectives

Lesson # 

Lesson title 

Approximate lesson length (minutes) 

Mode of delivery 

Learning objectives 

Driving skills 


Online training 

  • Describe the three key types of skills needed to drive: Cognitive, perceptual, and physical skills. 

Avoiding distractions while driving 


Online training 

  • Explain how cell phone use affects your cognitive, perceptual, and physical skills. 
  • Identify 3 or more strategies you can use to avoid being tempted to use your cell phone while driving. 
  • Describe your plan to incorporate strategies into your day-to-day- life to build skills and healthy habits. 

Avoiding substance-impaired driving 


Online training 

  • Explain how substance use affects your cognitive, perceptual, and physical skills 
  • Describe the laws related to substance impaired driving. 
  • Identify the strategies you can use to avoid driving impaired due to substances. 

Practice avoiding distracted driving 


360-degree interactive video scenario 

  • Practice using proactive strategies to avoid cell phone use and driving 
  • Practice using in the moment strategies to avoid using a cell phone while driving  

Practice avoiding substance-impaired driving 


360-degree interactive video scenario 

  • Practice using proactive strategies to avoid driving impaired due to substance use 
  • Practice refusal skills to avoid using substances 
  • Practice using proactive strategies to avoid driving impaired due to substance use 


Knowledge test  


Online test 

  • Test knowledge about impaired driving 







Plan My Ride Benefits

For instructors

  • Meets health education standards
  • Reinforce safe driving skills through extension activities instructor-led group discussions and activities
  • Use the included online administration dashboard to quickly and easily enroll students into the program, monitor completion and send automated reminders, and download completion reports, knowledge test scores, and certificates of completion


For students

  • Highly relevant, interactive, and engaging
  • Learn tangible skills to avoid distracted and impaired driving
  • Practice skills in immersive, 360-degree scenarios
  • Receive feedback on knowledge and obtain a system-generated certificate of completion


For parents:

  • Plan My Ride is an essential supplement to any Driver Education Program
  • Ensures young drivers will build critical skills to keep them safe while driving
  • Improves critical decision-making skills while driving





“The topic of driving distracted was one that I feel we didn’t spend too much time on in Driver’s Ed, so it was nice to have a program dedicated just to that because I think it is incredibly important.” Olivia, Plan My Ride Student



Plan My Ride is available for purchase by parents. Innocorp’s other awareness tools found on this site are available for purchase by education, safety, and prevention professionals and organizations only. If interested in these additional resources, consider working with your local school, police department, or community coalition to sponsor a kit or product for their use.