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Plan My Ride – eLearning Program


Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for new drivers (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015). Impaired driving is a common cause of car crashes and is a critical public health and safety issue. Plan My Ride® (PMR) is an interactive eLearning program, and immersive skill-building experience focused on preventing impaired driving, including distracted and drugged driving. 

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 Plan My Ride® is a research-based, self-paced, interactive eLearning traffic safety education program. Teens are often told not to drive distracted and impaired; Plan My Ride teaches teens the actual skills they need to avoid these behaviors in real-life situations. 

Unlike most online traffic safety programs, Plan My Ride accommodates:

  • Remote learning
  • Learner tracking and assessment
  • Instructor support
  • Easy program administration 
  • 360-degree videos allow students to apply and practice the learned skills in real-life scenarios 

Plan My Ride includes instructor seats that provide course materials for supplemental group discussion, activity guides, and dashboard access to your organization’s virtual portal for set-up, delivery, and management of Plan My Ride.

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 Package Features

25-149 Student Seats

25-149 Student Seats

Student Seats 

Selected number of seats 

Selected number of seats 

Instructor Training Seats (includes access to supplemental group discussion and activity guides) 

2 Instructor Seats 

5 Instructor Seats 

Knowledge Tests 

1 for each student and
instructor seat purchased 

1 for each student and
instructor seat purchased 

Downloadable Certificates of Completion 

1 for each student and
instructor seat purchased 

1 for each student and
instructor seat purchased 

Dashboard Access 



1-hour consultation for set-up and administration 



Branded Login Page 



Expiration (12-months from activation date) 



Annual Renewal 

15% renewal discount from standard list price  

30% renewal discount from standard list price

Add-on Instructor Training, which includes access to supplemental group discussion and activity guides

$67.00 per additional Instructor Seat 

$61.60 per additional
Instructor Seat 


Plan My RideBenefits 

For instructors

  • Meets health education standards
  • Reinforce safe driving skills through extension activities instructor-led group discussions and activities
  • Use the included online administration dashboard to quickly and easily enroll students into the program, monitor completion and send automated reminders, and download completion reports, knowledge test scores, and certificates of completion 

For students

  • Highly relevant, interactive, and engaging 
  • Learn tangible skills to avoid distracted and impaired driving
  • Practice skills in immersive, 360-degree scenarios
  • Receive feedback on knowledge and obtain a system-generated certificate of completion


Significant Advantages of Plan My Ride over other Distracted and Impaired Driving Prevention Programs 

  • Theory-based – Developed by behavior change experts in psychology and public health 
  • Research-based – Not only informed by theory and research, but also carefully evaluated using a pre-post research design
  • Developed and evaluated by Drs. Rebecca Stelter and Allison Schmidt, research scientists at innovation Research & Training
  • Focused on teaching and practicing skills – Many existing impaired driving programs aim to persuade new drivers not to drive impaired, but don’t offer the practical skills, strategies, and tailored advice needed for drivers to successfully change their everyday driving behaviors. 
  • Flexible delivery – Plan My Ride can be completely remote or use a blended learning approach with instructor-led discussion and activity guides
  • Young adults are highly satisfied with this web-based education program and rate it as easy to use
  • Results of Pilot Study shows promise at changing key antecedents of impaired driving behaviors, including improvements in:
    • Knowledge about driving skills, the factors that can impair driving, and strategies to avoid impaired driving
    • Self-efficacy to avoid impaired and distracted driving
    • Perceived norms and peer approval of impaired driving
    • Perceived dangerousness of impaired driving
    • Intentions to avoid distracted/impaired driving
    • Intentions to avoid riding with a distracted/impaired driver


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