SIDNE® Version 5.0 Refurbishment


The SIDNE® 5.0 Refurbishment provides your SIDNE® with new feature updates and a fresh appearance help keep your program an effective experience and training tool.

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This product is unavailable for purchase online. For more information, please call us at 800-272-5023


Upgrade your current SIDNE® Version 5.0 by taking advantage of the 5.0 Refurbishment Program.  This service improves the appearance and functionality of your SIDNE® to an updated Version 5.0. This package comes standard with vehicle inspection, upgrade, cleaning, and six-month/150-hour warranty on all new parts.

System upgrade includes:

  • Emergency brake repair/replacement
  • New bumper
  • New wide pedal assembly
  • New transmitter
  • New banner
  • Forward/reverse switch moved to top of column
  • New roll-bar padding
  • Improved potentiometer with welded sliding and locking bracket
  • Wheel alignment and inspection
  • Mechanical and electrical inspection of entire system
  • Six-month or 150-hour warranty on all new parts

This product is unavailable for purchase online.

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